Type: PLAY

Featuring intuitive quick-connect magnetic puzzle cubes magnet building block sensory toys to allow mix and match between 4 red and 4 blue magnetized cube emoticons toy brick building blocks that stack together simply with a click and collect without mess to keep children occupied and entertained for hours of fun and enhance kids educational STEM skill learning experiences which foster spatial reasoning, logic training, hand-eye coordination, child brain development. Magnet building cubes sensory toy creative playset magnetic building blocks with 36 expression mix & match templates to cultivate STEAM learning skills for preschool, kindergarten, pretend play, group activity, classroom, toddlers, teamwork, boys and girls age 3+. Easy to construct with vibrant full-color prints on every side. Let your imagination run wild!

In The Box:

8 Magnetic Puzzle Block Cubes (3x3x3cm),

1 Magnetic Expression Puzzle Blocks User Guide,

36 FREE Emoticon Template Cards

By: Picasso Tiles.