Type: DIY Kit

Cookeez Makery will amaze you and your child when they bake a surprise plush best friend! As they open the oven door they will discover their own warm and scented interactive plush friend in the shape of a yummy smelling treat! The Cookeez Makery Oven comes with everything children need to mix and make a Surprise Bake! There's a chance of making a puppy, kitten or bunny! First they mix the ingredients. Then using the dough mold and included tools, kids can add adorable features. Then pop it in the oven and shut the door. In 90 seconds, kids will hear a "ding". It's time to open the oven and meet a new friend. Wow! A warm and deliciously scented plush toy that's interactive to play with! Which Treatz will they make? There are a total of 6 plush Treatz to create throughout the Baked Treatz and Cinnamon Treatz oven playsets. Children can repeat the process again and again!

Dimensions: 7.3 x 8.3 x 11.7 in (18.5 x 21 x 29.8 cm).